The Deveraux Project (2008-2011)

The Deveraux Project was founded in 2008 to tell the story of Alex and Yara, set in the city of Kenosis, in a not too distant future. 

A story about change, about mankind being obsessed with the NET and a group of people that decided to resist.


TDP worked on a graphic novel, a radio play, the book itself and a soundtrack. 2011 the project could not be continued for several reasons. The production of the soundtrack was on the final straight. 2022 the songs are remastered and released on an album called "Fragments" for the first time along with music video-clips, letting people dive into the world where Alex and Yara are trying to find their way home

Artwork by Davide Di Donna

Artwork by Davide Di Donna

Artwork by Davide Di Donna

core of TDP:

Chai Deveraux

Nils Borges de Almeida


but also a lot of friends & colleagues that were working on breathing life into this world.